Friday, July 19, 2013

Week EIGHT at the Logan Tabernacle

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Monday July 22nd at 12 Noon
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Singers and instrumentalists will perform their favorite  music in addition to previewing the upcoming UFOMT season.  

Michael Bunchman, piano
Stephen Carey, piano
Emily Christensen
Emma-Grace Dunbar
Dallas Heaton, piano
Keenon Hooks
Alice-Anne Light
Mary Page Nance
Valerie Rachelle
Megan Richards, cello
Darren Sagawa, violin
Katrina Scoggins
Dylan Thomas
Suzanne Woods

Tuesday July 23rd at 12 Noon 
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Banjoman & Company

This group of wonderful musicians will perform some lively foot-tapping, banjo music, including bluegrass as well as some familiar folk melodies and some original compositions. The band’s theme and title of two of their four released CDs is “Bluegrass and a Bit More”.  Dave Taylor is Banjoman, a moniker given him by the mountain men at the Festival of the American West where he was a banjo-toting, strolling minstrel for 15 seasons.  Dave is the lead singer and plays guitar and Autoharp as well as picking the 5-string.  Banjoman’s Company provides vocal harmonies and consists of Brian Judy on Guitar, his wife Kathy Taylor on acoustic bass, and his son Jesse Taylor on fiddle.  Banjoman & Co. has been performing together for 10 years.  The group has appeared at numerous Cache Valley venues and from Murray to Idaho Falls, from Brigham City to northern Wyoming, including several county fairs.  This will be their eighth show at the Tabernacle Noon series.  Brian Judy, took guitar lessons from Dave in 1997 then later teamed up with Dave and Kathy to provide guitar backup for the Company.  Kathy’s musical background is in piano, organ, and vocal coaching, but she started on the bass fiddle to be with her husband when the band was formed.  Jesse, a natural musician and hot young fiddler, also displays virtuosity on guitar, keyboards, and bass.  Some of Dave’s other CDs include "Bluegrass And A Bit More", "Making A Run", "Banjoman & Co. #3", and 
"Dave Taylor - Singer/Songwriter - Many Moods".

Wednesday  July 24th at 12 Noon 
Emily Heap, Vocalist

Emily will be singing a variety of styles, including selections from the musical theatre, a couple of folk/art songs, and a classical piece sung in Italian.  She will be accompanied on the piano by her father, Harold Heap.  Emily has sung for events and nursing homes throughout the valley.  In addition to being a singer, she is also an actress who earned her BFA in performance from Utah State University in 2007. Emily works for the Cache Valley Center for the Arts and has also been with the Old Lyric Repertory Company for many years. Some past acting credits with the company include: Miss Watson and Aunt Sally in Big River, Percy in Spitfire Grill, and Mabel in Chaps!  In her spare time, Emily is a student at the Aerial Arts of Utah in Salt Lake City where she is learning static trapeze, lyra, and aerial silk.

Thursday July 25th  at 12 Noon 

Celeste Carruth, Violin

Celeste will perform a violin recital that will include works by Ysa├┐e, Bach, Paganini, and Bartok.  Celeste began taking violin lessons at the age of five, and performed at the Tabernacle for a noon recital for the first time at the age of eleven, and continued to give recitals for several consecutive summers until music festivals and physics research positions interfered. In 2007, Celeste performed solo with the Cache Chamber Orchestra, and later that year moved to Massachusetts to study under the late Marylou Churchill for her junior and senior years of high school. Celeste has participated in the Heifetz International Music Festival, the Chautauqua Music School Festival Orchestra, and the Eastern Music Festival, and has given solo, orchestral, and chamber performances in several states.  As an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, she also held positions in the Dearborn Symphony and the Lansing Symphony Orchestra, and as a member of the University Symphony Orchestra, she performed on two commercial recordings.  Recently she graduated with degrees in physics and violin performance from the University of Michigan, where she studied with Aaron Berofsky.  Her interest in physics has also given her the opportunity to spend the past two summers working on research at a particle accelerator in Japan, and in August she will begin a Ph.D. program in physics at the University of California-Berkeley.

Friday July 26th at 12 Noon
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Lyric Theatre is celebrating 100 years in Logan
The Old Lyric Repertory Company will present a program featuring performers involved in their current season.  

The Concert and Lecture Series is sponsored by  Cache Community Connections and is sponsored in part by the RAPZ TAX.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints allows free use of the Historic Tabernacle.

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