Saturday, June 30, 2012

Week FIVE at the Logan Tabernacle

                            July 2-6, 2012 

Monday July 2 Noon 
Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre
A great 4th of July program is planned for this week with:

Tuesday July 3 Noon

Relic Acoustic Trio: 60's and 70's Pop Music

Relic is a group of veteran musicians based in Cache Valley, Utah, that performs easy listening, acoustic oldies.  With over 100 years of performing experience between its three musicians, Relic is an appropriate name for the group... but don't let that scare you.  Their sound is fresh and their performance is entertaining.  With three guitars and three voices, Relic paints a musical landscape with their intricate harmonies.

Wednesday July 4th Noon  
Happy Independence Day!!

Brandon Lee and Sisters: Piano Virtuosi

Brandon Lee and his sisters have been a very popular part of the noon concert series for several years. Bright, young and beautiful, all three are incredibly talented piano performers, having won awards and accolades for many more years than their youth belies.

Thursday July 5th Noon 
A Broadbent Family Affair: Musical Variety

Richard and Merrilee Broadbent and family began singing together in college.  The Broadbents love many kinds of music and find great joy in being together.  Their program includes a wide variety of music, so come join the fun.  There is something for everyone!

Friday July 6th Noon 
Debbie Ditton and Students: Vocal

Debbie has been a very popular and successful vocal teacher and coach for many years. Most Cache Valley musical productions will include her students, often as lead singers. Debbie is an excellent singer in her own right. People who attend this concert will recognize her from her performances with Musical Theatre West.

The Concert and Lecture Series is part of Cache Community Connections and is sponsored in part by the RAPZ TAX and the Cache Valley Radio Group  


Friday, June 22, 2012

Week FOUR at the Logan Tabernacle

June 25-June 29, 2012 

Singers:      Daniel Bates          Siobhan Doherty
                      Jason Duika             Camden Gonzalez
                            Ben Houghton           Jennie Litster
                      Katrina Scroggin        Luke Williams
          Pianists:       John Ballerino          Stephen Carey

Tuesday June 26 Noon

Mountain Crest High School Young Artists 

In April of this year, young musicians showcased their talents at the 13th annual Young Artist Cup held at Mountain Crest High School. “The Young Artist Cup is meant to give students a chance to perform,” said Julie Whitney, co-founder of the Young Artist Cup. “The emphasis is not on competition — it’s on performance.”   

Ten performers from the Young Artist Cup will perform today.

Steve Albrechtsen, MCHS 2012 Graduate, Saxophone
Jacob Matthew Barrett, Junior at MCHS, Tuba
Jessica Burt, MCHS 2012, Graduate, Vocal
Erin Colledge, Junior at MCHS, Cello
Emma Mark, MCHS 2012 Graduate, Vocal
Jefferson Merkley, MCHS 2012 Graduate, Piano
Marquessa Merkley, Junior at MCHS, Piano
Emily Feuz, Junior at MCHS, Vocal
Charlotte Petersen, age 16, Cello
Jake Whitney, MCHS 2012 Graduate, Piano and Voice

Wednesday June 27 Noon     

Thursday June 28 Noon 
Karla Axtell and Others: Piano, Vocal and Organ 

Friday June 29 Noon 
Randall Bagley: Comic and Megan Line: Singer/Songwriter 
(Megan Line is a change for today instead of Kermit Herd who needed to cancel.)


Friday, June 15, 2012

Week THREE at the Logan Tabernacle      

June 18-June 23, 2012 



Monday June 18 Noon 
Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre
Broadway Yesterday and Today

Sara Maria Pardo     Daniel Quintana     Krista Rose Wilhelm
Stephen Carey
Rebecca Mordo

Tuesday June 19 Noon 

Hatch Family: Magician/Deceptionist: Violin and Piano

Wednesday June 20 Noon     
Liz Sampson's Piano Studio
The Students:  
James Conger, Alexis Marie Dykstra, Luke Facer, Michal Ann Gibson, Levi Hopkins, Scott Johnson, Savannah Knight, Braden Petersen, Bradley Petersen, Brindi Petersen, Bryson Petersen, Emmalee Smedley, Catharine Whitney

Thursday June 21 Noon   

Friday June 22 Noon     
Mark Gibbons: Western Vocal

Special Saturday Evening Performance
June 23 at 7pm     
LoiAnne Eyring and John Bailey: Violin and Piano

All concerts are Free.  The Concert and Lecture Series is part of Cache Community Connections and is sponsored in part by the RAPZ TAX and the Cache Valley Radio Group  

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Week TWO at the Logan Tabernacle

June 11-June 13, 2012 

Click on the names of performers or organizations in DARK RED for more information. 

Monday June 11 Noon  Utah Festival Opera & Musical Theatre 

Tuesday June 12 Noon   FryStreetQuartet

Wednesday June 13 Noon     Banjoman and Co. 

June 14-16 brings Summerfest to the Logan Tabernacle Grounds.  There will be NO performances inside the Tabernacle as it will be closed.  Be sure to come down to the grounds and enjoy Logan's great Art and Entertainment festival outside in hopefully beautiful weather.  You will be glad you did.

The Concert and Lecture Series is part of Cache Community Connections and is sponsored in part by the RAPZ TAX and the Cache Valley Radio Group  

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This Friday, June 8th 7pm "Jane Eyre" Preview

You can find a website, facebook page or more information if you click on the performers or organizations with the DARK RED colored names. 

The next offering in the Logan Tabernacle Concert and Lecture Series will be Friday, June 8 at 7:00 P.M. 
Jay Richards will present a PREVIEW of the upcoming Music Theatre West's production of Jane Eyre, a musical he wrote and will direct based on the well loved book by Charlotte Bronte.  
Friday evening will showcase the music of the production as Richards talks about what the show be like including the creative process, the costumes and sets. 

This should be a wonderful night for all who come.  Many in Logan are followers of Jay and his theatre company.  We hope to see both visitors 
and our local Cache Valleyites at this preview. 
The musical will be performed October 11-16, 2012 in the Ellen Eccles Theatre

Richards will be joined by the leads of the musical, 
Kent Braddy and Karlee Heaps, 
who will sing some of the songs written for the show. Mr. Braddy is familiar to Cache Valley audiences as the lead in the USU Theater production of 
The Scarlet Pimpernel
He is also a member of the popular local folk group Leaping Lulu. 
Many will also remember Ms. Heaps as she starred as Jo in an earlier Music Theatre West production of Little Women
She is also an advisor with USU Department of MusicThe program is FREE and everyone is welcome to attend.

The Concert and Lecture Series is part of Cache Community Connections and is sponsored in part by the RAPZ TAX and the Cache Valley Radio Group  

Friday, June 1, 2012

Week ONE at the Logan Tabernacle------June 4-June 8, 2012

A great Opening Week for the Summer at the Logan Tabernacle is awaiting all music lovers, whether visiting Cache Valley or you are one of the locals who live here.

You can find a website or more information if you click on performers or organizations with the DARK RED colored names. 

Monday June 4 Noon Utah Festival Opera Performers 

Vanessa Schukis, character mezzo
Katharine Ginnink, soprano
Sarah-Nicole Ruddy, soprano
Daniel Quintana, baritone
Jay Carr, bass baritone 
Nicholas Simpson, tenor
Stephen Carey, pianist

Tuesday June 5 Noon Corey Christiansen, Guitar 

Wednesday June 6 Noon Mami and Jeff Lyon     ...Violin,Sax,Piano,Vocal 

Thursday June 7 Noon Cache Community Band

Friday June 8 Noon Bel Canto Women's Chorus

FRIDAY NIGHT *June 8* 7pm

Jay Richards' "Jane Eyre" Music Theatre West 

Jay Richards is the local director/producer of the popular Cache Valley musical theatre company.  The music and lyrics of "Jane Eyre" were written by Jay.  The project is based on the novel by Charlotte Bronte.  Mr. Richards is bringing the story and selections of the music to the Tabernacle on Friday NIGHT.  The full musical will be actually performed October 11-16 at the Ellen Eccles Theatre so this will be a chance for the audience to preview the production.

The Concert and Lecture Series is part of Cache Community Connections and is sponsored in part by the RAPZ TAX and the Cache Valley Radio Group