Friday, June 15, 2012

Week THREE at the Logan Tabernacle      

June 18-June 23, 2012 



Monday June 18 Noon 
Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre
Broadway Yesterday and Today

Sara Maria Pardo     Daniel Quintana     Krista Rose Wilhelm
Stephen Carey
Rebecca Mordo

Tuesday June 19 Noon 

Hatch Family: Magician/Deceptionist: Violin and Piano

Wednesday June 20 Noon     
Liz Sampson's Piano Studio
The Students:  
James Conger, Alexis Marie Dykstra, Luke Facer, Michal Ann Gibson, Levi Hopkins, Scott Johnson, Savannah Knight, Braden Petersen, Bradley Petersen, Brindi Petersen, Bryson Petersen, Emmalee Smedley, Catharine Whitney

Thursday June 21 Noon   

Friday June 22 Noon     
Mark Gibbons: Western Vocal

Special Saturday Evening Performance
June 23 at 7pm     
LoiAnne Eyring and John Bailey: Violin and Piano

All concerts are Free.  The Concert and Lecture Series is part of Cache Community Connections and is sponsored in part by the RAPZ TAX and the Cache Valley Radio Group  

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