Friday, June 22, 2012

Week FOUR at the Logan Tabernacle

June 25-June 29, 2012 

Singers:      Daniel Bates          Siobhan Doherty
                      Jason Duika             Camden Gonzalez
                            Ben Houghton           Jennie Litster
                      Katrina Scroggin        Luke Williams
          Pianists:       John Ballerino          Stephen Carey

Tuesday June 26 Noon

Mountain Crest High School Young Artists 

In April of this year, young musicians showcased their talents at the 13th annual Young Artist Cup held at Mountain Crest High School. “The Young Artist Cup is meant to give students a chance to perform,” said Julie Whitney, co-founder of the Young Artist Cup. “The emphasis is not on competition — it’s on performance.”   

Ten performers from the Young Artist Cup will perform today.

Steve Albrechtsen, MCHS 2012 Graduate, Saxophone
Jacob Matthew Barrett, Junior at MCHS, Tuba
Jessica Burt, MCHS 2012, Graduate, Vocal
Erin Colledge, Junior at MCHS, Cello
Emma Mark, MCHS 2012 Graduate, Vocal
Jefferson Merkley, MCHS 2012 Graduate, Piano
Marquessa Merkley, Junior at MCHS, Piano
Emily Feuz, Junior at MCHS, Vocal
Charlotte Petersen, age 16, Cello
Jake Whitney, MCHS 2012 Graduate, Piano and Voice

Wednesday June 27 Noon     

Thursday June 28 Noon 
Karla Axtell and Others: Piano, Vocal and Organ 

Friday June 29 Noon 
Randall Bagley: Comic and Megan Line: Singer/Songwriter 
(Megan Line is a change for today instead of Kermit Herd who needed to cancel.)


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