Friday, August 9, 2013

Evening ENCORE CONCERT on August 16th, 2013

Logan Tabernacle
Noon Music Series
The Encore
Friday, August 16th  at 7pm
  In the Logan Tabernacle

The program will be a mix of country/western, pop, jazz,
folk and classical and features performers from the
2013 Summer Noon Music Concerts
at the Tabernacle.

All are Welcome         Free to the Public
sponsored by Cache Community Connections

              Richard Hatch will be the Master of Ceremonies tonight!
Richard  is a magician and deceptionist and performs regularly at the Hatch Academy of Magic and Music in the Thatcher-Young Mansion.

Vocalist Emily Heap  has sung for events throughout the valley.  She is also an actress and earned her BFA in performance from Utah State University in 2007. Emily works for the Cache Valley Center for the Arts and has also been with the Old Lyric Repertory Company for many years.

Christine Altom
Katie Anderson
Harpists:  Christine Altom has played the harp with the Cache Valley Orchestra.  She is married with three children and still finds time to practice.   Katie Anderson, has been active in sports and is a skilled harpist.   Samantha Loosli a serious harp student and is also a fine athlete.
Crystal Hobbs will accompany on  the flute.
Samantha Loosli

Shem Hale

Shem Hale has been the principal clarinetist in the Wind Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra at Utah State University for the past two years.  Shem is studying Computer Science and Music Performance.

David Ban

David Ban, 11, won first prize in the Weber State Piano Festival.  He has participated in the USU Piano Festivals and won top prizes.

Kermit Herd

Kermit Herd attended USU and earned an MFA degree.  While a student, he sang three years with the Salt Lake Philharmonic Orchestra in their Days of '47 celebration. Kermit has performed in a variety of venues and roles throughout the country.

David Kim

David Kim, violinist, has participated in the Cache Valley ASTA Competition every year since 2005, and was selected to perform at the Honors Recitals each year.

John Waldron

John Waldron found a harmonica while a young man, took it apart and cleaned it, and learned to play it.  He has played his harmonica on many scout outings.  John graduated from USU and spent a career working in electrical engineering.

Celeste Carruth

Celeste Carruth performed solo with the Cache Chamber Orchestra in 2007. She has given solo, orchestral, and chamber performances in several states.  As an student at the University of Michigan, she held positions in the Dearborn Symphony, the Lansing Symphony Orchestra, and the University Symphony Orchestra. Recently she graduated with degrees in physics and violin performance from the University of Michigan. 

Trenton Chang

Trenton H. Chang, 15 year-old Pianist, has received many awards for his participation in various competitions such as the USU Piano Festivals each year. In 2010, he was invited to perform the entire Mozart concerto No.23, and in 2012, he appeared on NPR’s “From the Top”.

Mark Gibbons

Mark Gibbons has sung for various groups all over the Western United States.

Major Family Ranch Hands Band
The Major Family Ranch Hands Band  consists of  Dale, (Dad) on guitar and vocals, Erin, on Fiddle and vocals, and Jake on upright bass and vocals.

The Musselman Family
The Musselman Family have played at gatherings of all kinds. Josh plays the piano, sings, does magic; Caden plays the guitar and sings; Oak plays the fiddle; and Bryton plays the shakers and sings, and Cyndee organizes the group.

The Concert and Lecture Series is sponsored by  Cache Community Connections and is sponsored in part by the RAPZ TAX.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints allows free use of the Historic Tabernacle.

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