Tuesday, October 2, 2012


October 12th, a Friday night at 7pm, will bring a unique and unusual program to the Historic Logan Tabernacle as part of the Concert and Lecture Series sponsored by Cache Community Connections.

      And a surprise for concert attendees....refreshments afterwards! 

Brazilian Dance Group, The Bahianas
The swirls and steps of dancing along with beautiful traditional melodies in song in native costume will be performed on the stage.  Not only different cultures but also different ages of both local and student performers in Cache Valley, will be represented.  

The program committee for this special night wanted to showcase the wonderful differences of cultures that exist in this valley with the unity that comes with the love of music in ALL cultures.  Musical renditions will come from  the countries of Brazil, India, China, Ireland, Chile, Mexico, Tahiti and New Zealand among others.  
The Singh Family

A dance group, The Bahianas, consisting of several local Brazilian women will also perform. Other dance groups include the Singh Family from India, the Pauni "Next Generation" representing New Zealand and Tahiti and also The An Tus Nua Irish Dance Academy, taught by Terena Lund, representing Ireland and Scotland.  Julie ni Hewkin will play the Irish harp as she sings in Gaelic. 
Pauni Family: The Next Generation

Dancers from An Tus Nua
Irish harpist and singer, Julia ni Hewkin

Liu Zhong Ling, who is from Bejing China and visiting her daughter in Logan, will sing two Chinese Opera songs.

Isael Torres, singer
Isael Torres, a first-generation American whose parents are from Mexico will sing two songs in Spanish, one being his original.  He proudly is serving as a President of a branch of USU Ambassadors.

Lindsey Lopez, Miss Cache Valley

Miss Lindsey Lopez, crowned Miss Cache Valley in January of 2012 will perform as well.  She is currently studying Vocal Performance at USU.

Mario Pereyra of the Access and Diversity Center of USU arranged these:  
Polynesian Student Union dancers  from Hawaii, a song from a Chinese student, Daxi, of The Asian Association and the traditional Crow Dance from a member of the Native American Student Council, Albert Packer.   

It will be a colorful, musical extravaganza of culture that the entire family will enjoy.  Watch the Cache Magazine that comes with the Herald Journal for more information.  The concert is FREE to the public.  

The Concert and Lecture Series is sponsored by  Cache Community Connections and is sponsored in part by the RAPZ TAX and the Cache Valley Radio Group .  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints allows free use of the tabernacle, as well as providing financial support.

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