Saturday, August 18, 2012

Coming Fall Programs at the Tabernacle

Logan Tabernacle Organ Keyboard and Console

The Encore Program was so enjoyable to me and the audience seemed to agree. They were even willing to stay for almost two hours until the end.  
The diversity of the excellent musical numbers, the fun comedic performance by Randall Bagley and the easy and interesting flow of introductions by the Master of Ceremonies, Richard Hatch, made for a great night.  
Thank you to all performers and audience members!!

           Now a little information on Fall programs:

September  28th Friday 7pm   
     Tabernacle Organ Festival

October 12th  Friday 7pm  
     World Cultures Night
We are looking for performers, individuals or groups that we can include 
in this program.  Please email me by clicking on my name 
at the end of this post to give your recommendation.   

November 18th Sunday 7pm 
       Inter Faith Thanksgiving Program 

There will be an emphasis on the opening of the new Cache County Food Pantry Building.

December 9th Sunday 7pm 

     Benefit Concert: Cache County Food Pantry

If you have a comment or suggestions that you would like out committee to consider, please click on my name, Karyn Madsen, at the end of this post and you can email it to me.  Thank you!

The Concert and Lecture Series is sponsored by  Cache Community Connections and is sponsored in part by the RAPZ TAX and the Cache Valley Radio Group  

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